Honing Brush "ATE"

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Used to clean the holes in the caliper housing for the guide bushes on ATE floating calipers.

After some time of operation it may be useful to replace the (rubber) guide bushes in ATE floating calipers. The mounting hole in the caliper housing is often corroded to a greater or lesser degree. This will cause the guide bushing to be squashed and the guide pins may become jammed in them. This will restrict brake caliper movements which may lead to other braking problems.

After removing the old guide bushes, use the ATE honing brush to polish the mounting holes in the brake caliper housing to a bright metal surface. Best to use is a battery-powered screwdriver running at a maximum speed of 700 rpm in clockwise direction (to the right) only. After cleaning the holes in the caliper housing, thinly spread ATE brake cylinder paste over them. This will prevent new corrosion and make the new guide bushes install with more ease.