Autodiagnos Tire 300 Update Plus

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Update licenses for TPMS service devices

Always the latest update for effective tire change service

Continental’s service devices for tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) are compact, universal testing and programming units for TPMS sensors covering a large number of vehicle manufacturers.

Besides permitting easy inspection of TPMS sensors, they can also display the battery status, temperature and tire pressure for each sensor. We offer the correct updates for your TPMS device, enabling you to perform top-class tire service for the latest vehicles and read out sensor data.

Autodiagnos Tire 300 Update Plus

In addition to passenger cars, Autodiagnos Tire Update Plus covers all TPMS functions for commercial vehicles and trailers.

This includes regular software and database updates for one year.



  • Always the latest information on all passenger car models
  • New functions for manual and automatic relearning of TPMS sensors
  • New OBD relearning methods
  • New programmable universal sensor brands and part number information
  • Testing and activation of original TPMS sensors for all carmakers in the European market (including Tesla Bluetooth® sensors)
  • Ideal for fleet management and maintenance of commercial vehicles (trucks, buses, trailers)
  • Testing and activation of TPMS sensors for all common commercial vehicle manufacturers in the European market (trucks, buses, trailers)
  • Management and saving of data on more than 150 vehicles in service history
  • Flexible axle and tire configurations, even with twin tires
  • Regular database updates
  • E-mail report with the latest data on universal and original sensor manufacturers
  • Simple updating of Autodiagnos Tire 300 Update Plus via WiFi on your device