Wheel hub cleaning set 4

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Quick and safe cleaning of heavily corroded wheel hubs down to the bare metal

ATE's wheel hub cleaning set 4 is an ideal tool that allows you to clean heavily soiled or slightly rusting wheel hubs quickly, safely and at low cost. Before installing a  new brake disc the hub mounting face must be cleaned to bare metal. This is the only way of complying with mounting tolerances and avoiding brake judder.

ATE's wheel hub cleaning set 4 consists of a compressed air angle grinder, 2 white cleaning brushes (small grain) and 2 purple cleaning disks (large grain) . The cleaning brushes are fixed in a thread in the back-up pad of the compressed air angle grinder. The high speed of the angle grinder (8000 / 15.000 rpm) ensures thorough cleaning of the wheel hub. The small-grain brushes and the high speed add up to cleaning each wheel hub within seconds. To extend the range of applications of compressed air angle grinders (e.g. car body) it is also possible to use cleaning brushes in different grain sizes. For this application, we recommend the body set (03.9314-1371.3), which comprises 4 green cleaning brushes (medium grain) and 4 purple cleaning brushes (large grain).

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Technical specifications
  • Quick cleaning of the wheel hub mounting face
  • Safe and simple handling