Wheel hub cleaning set 7 (1/2")

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Quick and safe cleaning of wheel hubs down to the bare metal

ATE's wheel hub cleaning set 7 is an ideal tool that allows you to clean the wheel hub of passenger cars efficiently, safely and at low cost.

Clean the brake disc mounting face on the wheel hub down to the bare metal before mounting the disc. This is the only way of complying with mounting tolerances and avoiding discomfort. ATE’s wheel hub cleaning set 7 is comprised of a back-up pad driven by a customary  1/2" (12.5 mm) impact wrench. A Velcro® strip provides a form-fit link between the cleaning discs and the back-up pad. A special torque trunnion transfers the cleaning forces continuously, at no loss and without slipping through. A centring mechanism fastens the tool on the wheel hub to prevent the tool from slipping off the hub.

The actual cleaning process takes just a couple of seconds per wheel hub, depending on how soiled the hub is. Owing to their full-faced contact and the sturdy friction material, the cleaning discs are extremely durable for their entire long service life. 

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Technical specifications
  • Velcro® strip and torque trunnion for fast and safe use of the abrasive wheel
  • 12.5 mm (1⁄2 inch) inner square holding element for pneumatic, battery or mains operated impact wrenches and other tools
  • Open-pored abrasive and dish-shaped grinding discs for minimum dust emissions
  • No flying sparks